Daemon X Machina Gets Competitive Multiplayer, Outlines DLC Roadmap

Daemon X Machina has gotten a free update adding competitive multiplayer, and laid out a roadmap for more updates to come. The future plans include new missions and equipment for your Arsenal mech dropping through the end of the year.

The first update, available now, adds Versus mode. You can play against other pilots in 1v1 or 2v2 matches, and earn points toward a global ranking system. The game released in September with a campaign and co-op play, but no competitive multiplayer mode.

The roadmap lays out much more to come. In early November it will get “specially-themed” items for both your Arsenal and your Outer (aka your avatar). That’s said to be a collaboration of some kind, so it may be themed after a fellow Nintendo franchise. In late November, it will add new co-op missions, including new behemoth Immortal bosses and new weapons and Arsenal parts. Finally, in December it will get co-op missions with new objectives and more weapons and parts.

The roadmap teases “more to be confirmed,” which suggests we may still see more post-launch additions as well.

GameSpot’s Daemon X Machina review praised the cast of likable characters and deep level of customization, but found some of the PvE combat lacking. “The missed potential of the story and minor issues with mech-vs-mech combat and multiplayer loadouts make Daemon X Machina fall just short of its potential, but the foundation is strong. As a total package, it’s on the verge of greatness; it just needed a little more time in the shop tinkering.”

Author: GameSpot

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