Pine Review: Can’t See the Forest for the Trees OnlySP

OnlySP’s Amy Davidson: “Pine is incredibly ambitious. Successfully funded on Kickstarter roughly two-and-a-half years ago, small Netherlands developer Twirlbound set about working on its big idea. The project promised to combine many genres: the adventuring of a Zelda title, Shadow of Mordors intricate AI simulation of NPC friendships and rivalries, a dash of Fables heros journey, and a Bloodborne-inspired combat system for good measure. Promising Breath of the Wild on a shoestring budget, Pine very nearly achieves its lofty ambitions, featuring an engaging world, impressively deep simulation, and a wide variety of gameplay systems. However, the clunky controls, poor communication with the player, and a raft of bugs prevent Pine from reaching its full potential.”

Author: N4G

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