Walker, Texas Ranger Reboot Finds Home At The CW

Supernatural star Jared Padelecki is trading in one CW drama for another as his new upcoming project, a reboot of the ’90s TV show Walker, Texas Ranger, officially finds a home at the network, Deadline reports. Apparently, after hunting down the paranormal for over a decade as Sam Winchester, it’s time to start focusing on a far more terrestrial brand of crime.

In addition to serving as an executive producer, Padelecki will star as Cordell Walker, originally played by Chuck Norris. The show, much like other recent 90s revivals like Magnum P.I. and MacGyver, is set to be a full reboot, starting the Walker mythology over completely from scratch. However, despite the reboot status, we can assume that it will follow closely in the cowboy boot-shaped footsteps of its predecessor with Walker personified as a ranger who plays by his own rules, even when said rules put him at odds with both his family and the law.

Supernatural, Padelecki’s current project, is wrapping up its 15th and final season on The CW. As one of the network’s longest running and most beloved projects leaving such a massive hole in the programming line up, it’s likely that Walker, Texas Ranger will garner itself a prime spot in next year’s roster of shows. However, no information about Walker’s premiere date has been set.

Author: GameSpot

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