Nintendo Switch Third-Party Joy-Cons Add GameCube-Like Controls

Nintendo Switch has gotten GameCube controller support via third-party imitators and even an official adapter, but a new controller option lets you use a button layout similar to the classic system without giving up the Switch’s unique controller features.

The Sades Joy-Con takes the familiar GameCube button layout–complete with giant A button in the middle–and makes them detachable just like regular Joy-Con controllers. It’s available for purchase on Amazon for $60, and is currently expected to ship sometime in November or early December.

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The Sades design takes a few other liberties as well. The controllers are slightly curved for ergonomics unlike the fairly flat standard Joy-Cons, which also helps it appear more like the classic GameCube controller. They’re also wireless and include the NFC functionality for Amiibo support, unlike a GameCube controller. And like regular Joy-Cons, they can be attached to the system, used independently, or attached to a Joy-Con Grip.

It’s a neat design and a nice concept, but user reviews for the new controller are sparse. Sades’ other Nintendo Switch accessories include a headset and carrying case.

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Author: GameSpot

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