Mayans MC Lets Sons Of Anarchy Do Something It Wanted To Years Ago

Sons of Anarchy got away with a lot during its seven-season run on FX. The series featured horrific violence regularly, plenty of vulgarity, and a large dose of sex throughout. However, there’s one line the show never got the cross–and it’s one the sequel series Mayans MC regularly does.

Regardless of any betrayal or murder that unfolded on-screen during Sons of Anarchy, at no point was a character driven far enough to drop an F-bomb. After all, that wasn’t a word you heard on TV at the time. While the FX biker drama tended to push the envelope when it came to vulgarity, that word was off-limits.

Times have changed, though. It’s not uncommon to hear a character on Mayans MC throw the word around in normal conversation. So with a Sons of Anarchy reunion being staged on Mayans, it provided the perfect opportunity to let the club that started it all talk the way creator Kurt Sutter likely envisioned.

“Who do we gotta f*** to get a drink around here?” Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) said to the Mayans the moment he and SAMCRO arrived for a summit between rival clubs. It certainly set the tone for what was to follow, as viewers got caught up on exactly what’s happening in the world of SAMCRO since the death of Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) in the Sons of Anarchy series finale.

According to Chibs, he expected the club to be out of the gun trade a long time ago, as Jax intended. Unfortunately, as Happy (David Labrava) explained earlier in Mayans Season 2, that didn’t happen. Now, though, the club is finally looking toward the future.

“We never thought this transition would have taken so long,” the SAMCRO president explained. “Things up in Northern Cali are just only settled down and our other interest is finally starting to land in the black.” Of course, they’re also being forced out of the gun trade by circumstance. According to Chibs, the port the Sons smuggle firearms into is closing down.

Still, while SAMCRO may think they’re finally done with the gun trade, that’s likely not the case. Given that a peace they brokered between the Mayans and a rival club has erupted into a flat-out war–with the casualties already stacking up–Chibs and his crew are probably going to have their hands full in upcoming episodes.

Mayans MC airs Tuesdays on FX.

Author: GameSpot

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