Extra Life 2019: GameSpot’s FFXIV Alliance Raid Party Commences

It’s that time of year again; GameSpot is taking part in gaming’s annual charity fundraising campaign, Extra Life! Our traditional 72-hour streamapalooza returns and the objective is the same: raise money for kids in need at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. We have so many wild and fun segments planned and I want to shout out a big one that I, Michael Higham (GameSpot editor), will be playing in and hosting: The Final Fantasy XIV Raid Party Block Party!

Alongside the great FFXIV players within the Giant Bomb community, we’ve organized a raid party to run the challenging, large-scale 24-player Alliance Raids. The FFXIV Raid Party segment kicks off Friday, October 25 at 8PM PT (11PM ET) and goes to 12AM PT midnight (3AM PT).

On stream, I will also be joined by Giant Bomb’s Matt Rorie and Jan Ochoa, and our own Ben Janca. Of course, we want to see you in the chat as well; these are some of the most difficult challenges in FFXIV, but with all of you all by our side, no fight is too great.

We plan on running at least two of the Alliance Raids introduced in the Stormblood expansion, time and skill permitting (note that our plans are subject to change). I encourage FFXIV fans and non-players alike to tune in and watch us fight these spectacular battles, and help us raise money for charity!

But wait, there’s more. We currently plan on beginning the segment with a costume contest to get in the holiday spirit. With a $10 donation, FFXIV players in the Primal data center who are in (or can visit) the Ultros server can enter our glamour competition. Entrants will put on their most impressive glamour (in-game outfits) for a chance to win a large amount of in-game Gil (final amount TBD). On-stream hosts will judge participants. If you happen to be interested, feel free to message me here on site.

Our 72-hour Extra Life livestream starts on Friday, October 25 at 12PM PT (noon) / 3PM ET and runs nonstop until October 28 at noon PT / 3PM ET. We want you to tune in, hang out in the chat, and see GameSpot’s staff play games and get weird. Your donations will also contribute to getting us to do a bunch of silly things, which you can check out in our “Extra Life Battle Pass” (yes, we have a “Battle Pass”).

Please visit our official Extra Life 2019 campaign page. And remember, your generous donations are FOR THE KIDS! We look forward to putting on a show for you all this weekend.

Author: GameSpot

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