The Best Entrance In All Of WWE May Belong To NXT’s Breezango

In wrestling, there is something for everybody, no matter your tastes. There are exceptionally serious moments of high drama between two angry competitors, then there’s moments like the one tag team Breezango created on the October 23 episode of WWE’s NXT: pure, hilarious entertainment.

The team made up of Tyler Breeze and Fandango have been changing things up the past few weeks on NXT. They were once the Fashion Police–which led to a Twin Peaks parody that garnered a lot of attention, followed by a Stranger Things parody–and as of this week, they were fighter pilots, which you can see in the video below.

Two ramp agents, holding the orange rods, direct the wrestlers in. Tyler Breeze walks in from the left, and Fandango–pretending to be an airplane–comes in from the right. It’s nearly impossible to look away, as this is one of the most entertaining entrances we’ve seen in WWE in years.

The week prior, Breezango entered the ring as construction workers, and who knows what they will do next week. The two aren’t just a comedy showcase though. Breeze and Fandango are extremely skilled in the ring and put on excellent matches as well.

The two WWE superstars have been working together for years as a tag team. In 2017, the team came to the GameSpot office to create-a-wrestler in WWE 2K18 to take on the one I made, and they lost, which you can watch up top. And if they ever return, I will have yet another create-a-wrestler destroy them.

Speaking of WWE 2K, this week marked the release of WWE 2K20, and the Twitter’s first impressions of the game are rough, as it is filled with lots of bugs, which are sometimes hilarious.

You can check out to see what Breezango enters as next on NXT which airs on Wednesday nights on USA.

Author: GameSpot

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