Kylo Ren’s History With Knights Of Ren Explored In Marvel Comic

This December, the Skywalker saga comes to a close with Star Wars: Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the stories about these characters. In the upcoming comic Star Wars: The Rise of Kylo Ren, the series will show, in detail, Ben Solo’s transformation into Kylo Ren, departing from Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, and joining forces with Supreme Leader Snoke. This includes his first run-in with the Knights of Ren.

Issue #2 of this four-part miniseries comes out in January and features Ben and Luke traveling to an “unknown region” to face the Knights of Ren, according to the solicit for the book.

The Rise of Kylo Ren #2. Cover art by Clayton Crain.
The Rise of Kylo Ren #2. Cover art by Clayton Crain.

This is all part of Snoke’s plan to turn Ben to the dark side, pretending to be the young Jedi’s friend and manipulating him. It seems not only will the issue cover the first time Ben met these knights, but it will also show him joining up with the group as well.

The mysterious Knights of Ren was first introduced in The Force Awakens, as a group that served Supreme Leader Snoke. However, the Knights were missing from The Last Jedi, as director Rian Johnson couldn’t find a place for them in the movie. However, in December’s The Rise of Skywalker, the Knights of Ren will be featured, and we’ve already seen the designs for the characters. It’s unknown how deep into the lore of this group the movie will go, and chances are that the Kylo Ren comic will be the best way to fill in the blanks left by the movie.

The Rise of Kylo Ren #2 will be available at your local comic book shop and digitally sometime in January for $4.

Author: GameSpot

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