The Unpopular Opinion 7: Games SPC Liked That Many Did Not

Phil writes, “There are some things that a lot of us can agree on. For instance, “Tom Hanks is a national treasure.” (Love you, Tom!) Some opinions, though, are less popular, less prominent, and ones that we might find ourselves in the minority on. That’s how “The Unpopular Opinion” series of articles came to fruition on SuperPhillip Central–talking about the games that the site championed or enjoyed while others trashed and disparaged them. From a popular series where players are encouraged to “catch ’em all”, to a certain franchise featuring a familiar blue hedgehog, these six games are the ones that SPC found treats to play while others screamed with fright.

After you’ve read SPC’s most recent picks, which poorly (or relatively poorly) received games did you end up enjoying?”

Author: N4G

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