The Outer Worlds Highlights Just How Far Fallout Has Fallen

PushSquare: This week, The Outer Worlds was released. Obsidian’s sci-fi role-playing game may not push the genre forward in any radical way, but it is an excellent example of what’s possible when player choice is promoted above all else. I’m busy playing through The Outer Worlds for the third time in about as many weeks, and I’m still finding new ways to complete quests and build my character. It’s a fantastic RPG.

You know what isn’t a fantastic RPG? Fallout 76. In fact, I think it’s a terrible RPG. And honestly, I’d rather not think about it at all, because thinking about how bad it is really pisses me off. But this is the problem: I can’t escape the seemingly never-ending joke that is Fallout 76.

Author: N4G

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