The Finger Guns Podcast Ep. 31 – EGX Post-Show | Boundary | Fallout First | The Outer Worlds

Ross @ FG: Greg, Sean and Rossko are in the hotseats to discuss EGX 2019 with some hard-hitting questions from Rossko (kind of). Elsewhere Greg went to play Boundary at the Ukie Studios to let us know why hes so very excited for this one to come out and why the rest of us should be taking it very seriously.

Something we shouldnt be taking seriously is Bethesdas latest disastrous way to shoot Fallout 76 into the sun once and for all with their Fallout First subscription announcement. Goodness do we have some thoughts. Also, Dead End Job has a release date! How very exciting. Oh, and Horizon Zero Dawn coming to VR? A hastily back-pedalled tweet suggests so

Elsewhere Rossko and Greg wax lyrical about The Outer Wilds, with plenty of positive impressions of the games early hours. Oh, its so good.

Plus we talk hands on with Lonely Mountains Downhill, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes on PS4, Children of Morta, Megaquarium, Return of the Obra Dinn on Switch, Fortnite Chap…

Author: N4G

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