Kenny Omega’s AEW Dynamite Entrance Is A Love Letter To Undertale

It’s no secret that professional wrestler and executive vice-president of All Elite Wrestling Kenny Omega loves video games. And on the October 30 episode of TNT’s weekly wrestling show, AEW Dynamite, Omega showed off his love for Undertale.

Before he entered the ring, his video package played a 16-bit cutscene that was very reminiscent of the game, featuring a yellow and red disembodied head, which is totally a knock at the New Japan Pro Wrestling’s logo–a company Omega wrestled for–explaining Omega left all his friends and now, he’s all alone. This includes a silhouette of Omega’s former tag team partner, Kota Ibushi. You can check out the video for yourself below.

The sound effects and dialogue from the end of that section are taken directly from Undertale. After the video package ended, Omega entered wearing a Sans mask and outfit, while Megalovania–the song from the game–played in the arena. Surprisingly, this worked incredibly well as entrance music for one of the greatest wrestlers of this generation.

This was a Halloween-themed episode, which contained a lot of Rick & Morty moments, clips, and masks, as AEW was helping promote the upcoming season of the animated series. The Best Friends and Orange Cassidy wrestled as two Ricks and one Morty in their 6-man tag match during the evening.

You can catch more video game references from Omega every week on TNT’s AEW Dynamite which airs ever Wednesday night.

Author: GameSpot

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