Black Friday Nintendo Switch Online Deals: Best Deals On Switch’s Online Service

If you’re buying a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite for someone this holiday, it’d be smart to throw in a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. The online membership has a number of benefits, including access to online multiplayer in games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Splatoon 2. But it also comes with a treasure trove of classic NES and SNES games and the chaotic battle royale puzzler Tetris 99. Ahead of Black Friday, let’s take a look at the best deals on Nintendo Switch Online.

Best Switch Online deals to expect for Black Friday 2019

The best (and only) Nintendo Switch Online subscription deal announced so far is at Target. You will be able to buy a 12-month subscription for $15, five bucks off the list price. That’s a reasonably good deal, and it’d be surprising to see other retailers offer much better considering the relatively low price of the membership to begin with.

If you’re more interested in a Switch Online family plan, which normally go for $35 and support up to eight users, it’s likely we’ll see that discounted as well. Target has a track record of offering Switch Online family memberships for $28 during major sales, so it’s possible that deal will make an appearance at Target or elsewhere during Black Friday weekend.

Target will also have the Overwatch: Legendary Edition on sale for $25, which comes with a three-month subscription of Switch Online. One other game to look out for that could be on sale is the retail edition of Tetris 99 (which comes with the paid DLC). The Switch Online exclusive comes with a 12-month subscription of Switch Online for $30. It’s possible that bundle will get discounted on Black Friday too.

Where to find Switch Online deals during Black Friday

We’ll be updating this article as more Nintendo Switch Online Black Friday deals are announced, but keep an eye on Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop, Amazon, and the Eshop, the Switch’s digital storefront.

In addition to gaining access to online multiplayer, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can play dozens of classic NES games and 20 SNES games, including Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Super Metroid. Switch Online members also get cloud saves for most games, which is an incredibly convenient feature.

Author: GameSpot

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