Fortnite Has Added A Strange New Weapon That’s Great For Both Fishing And Attacking

Fortnite‘s second chapter has introduced many changes, including a new map, new challenges, and a new fishing mechanic that lets you catch and eat fish that will boost your stats. And now, in the latest update, there’s a new multi-purpose weapon that’s equally good for catching fish and killing other players.

As Polygon has noted, a new harpoon weapon has been added to Fortnite as of the latest patch, and players have had access to it since Tuesday morning. The harpoon can be used to grab fish or loot from a distance, and while you need to wait for the fish to snag your line with the rod, you can fire the harpoon off and snag sealife right away. This will make it easier to nab those healing Slurpfish.

You can also use the harpoon to shoot other players, and it’s quite an effective weapon. If you shoot a harpoon into an enemy it’ll do 75 damage, and it also pulls them towards you–make sure they don’t have a shotgun equipped, or that your squad mates are ready to fire their own. Players will no doubt learn which combat scenarios the harpoon is and isn’t good in as they test it out in live matches.

Epic does not publish patch notes for Fortnite, so the new harpoon has been a surprise for players. In fact, Fortnite has been full of surprises since its launch–even Fortnite Chapter 2 was kept under wraps before it launched.

While you’re exploring the bodies of water throughout the map in Fortnite, be sure to look out for all the motorboat locations as well.

Author: GameSpot

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