Stranger Things 4: Here’s The Name Of The First Episode

Today has been declared Stranger Things day–it’s the date that Will Byers was first taken into the Upside Down in the first season, back in 1983–and as part of the celebrations, we now have a title for the first episode of season 4.

The front page of the episode’s script has been shared on the show’s official Instagram and Twitter, revealing the name–Chapter 1: The Hellfire Club. The episode is penned by series creators The Duffer Brothers, but we’re not yet sure who will direct the first episode back. The post contains a short caption: “We’re starting a club. Wanna join?”

What does the name mean? The term “Hellfire Club” is associated with several exclusive clubs across Britain and Ireland in the 1700s, which were generally secretive and often devoted to immoral acts. Whether or not the Stranger Things kids are aware of the connotations of this name are not yet clear, of course, but you can bet that the Duffer Brothers are.

Three blooper reels for Stranger Things were also released today, so it’s been a big day for fans of the series. Back in October we got our first tease of the next season, and more recently we found out that it’ll consist of eight episodes, which will start filming in January 2020.

Author: GameSpot

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