Halo TV Show Adds Three New Cast Members

Showtime’s Halo TV series is about to begin production and is adding more to its cast. And in addition to the already cast Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, three new roles have been cast.

Danny Sapani (Doctor Who, Black Panther), Olive Gray (Fleabag), and Charlie Murphy (Peaky Blinders) have been cast for the 2021 Showtime series, according to Variety. Sapani will take on the role of Captain Jacob Keyes–a war hero and father working with his daughter and ex-wife. Gray will plan Dr. Miranda Keyes, a UNSC commander who has dedicated her life to understanding culture and technology. Finally, Murphy will play Makee, a woman who was orphaned and raised by the alien Covenant to hate humanity.

The trio will also join Natasha McElhone playing Cortana and Dr. Catherine Halsey, Bokeem Woodbine playing Soren-066, Shabana Azmi as Admiral Margaret Parangosky, and others.

The creators of the series are trying to satisfy Halo gaming fans as well. “The good news is we’ve been working very closely with 343 [Studios] through the entire development process,” Showtime Networks co-president Gary Levine explained during the TCA press tour. “And they are there both as a resource to tell us stuff we don’t know and also to make sure we’re not violating anything big in the canon. So we’re doing this with total confidence that the fans are going to embrace what we’re doing.”

Halo is expected to air on Showtime sometime in 2021.

Disclosure: Showtime is owned by CBS, the parent company of GameSpot.

Author: GameSpot

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