The Blair Witch Game Will Terrorize PS4 Players Soon

Blair Witch, which released for Xbox One and PC earlier this year, is making its way to PlayStation 4 soon with a handful of improvements. The game will release on December 3 as a digital title (with a physical release planned later), and come with the “Good Boy” pack, which will introduce some new cosmetic options for your trusty in-game dog, Bullet. The pack will also be made available for PC and Xbox One players, and include new skins for the dog, as well as new games for your in-game cellphone, new wallpapers, and new animations for Bullet.

This version will also contain “gameplay and technical enhancements,” although what that means, exactly, has not been specified. The announcement trailer below doesn’t give a lot of insight into how you play the game, instead focusing on the horrors of the woods. It also spotlights Bullet, who is the heart and soul of the game.

Blair Witch was first announced during Microsoft’s 2019 E3 presentation, so seeing it come to PlayStation 4 after such a short period of exclusivity is a surprise. The game, which is available on Xbox Game Pass, will retail for $29.90 on PS4. We gave Blair Witch a 5/10 in our review, with critic Alessandro Barbosa stating that “Blair Witch can’t maintain its initially frightening atmosphere and ends up losing it entirely by its conclusion.”

Author: GameSpot

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