VR Ping Pong Pro review – ChristCenteredGamer

CCG Writes- “VR Ping Pong Pro is actually a sequel of sorts to the team’s previous effort, VR Ping Pong. While that one has a low-quality graphical aesthetic, this one is much more realistic and pretty. There are several different environments, including outdoors in a city, indoors in a garage, indoors in an arcade, and a couple other outdoor locations, like what I believe to be Japan and China. The graphical fidelity is quite good, and it looks great on the Rift S. There are people walking by, background noise and chatter, birds chirping, the works. The multiplayer arena looks like a real table tennis competition hall, which is a nice touch. I am really pleased with the environments available, as they are all unique and give a different vibe.”

Author: N4G

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