Apex Legends: New Patch With Level Cap Increase Live On PC Now, But Console Players Have To Wait

Apex Legends was due to receive a big update today, December 3, and it’s now arrived on PC. This means that once you’ve downloaded the update, you’ll experience a level cap increase from 100 to 500, giving you many more levels to climb through. Console owners will have to wait a little bit longer, though, with a delay pushing the update back to an unknown date. Moments before the update was due, the official Apex Legends Twitter account let everyone know that it would now arrive later.

About an hour later, the account announced that the patch was actually now available, but only for the PC version. The console version is still delayed, and hopefully we’ll know soon when it will be made available.

The patch notes list a lot of changes, but the big one is the level cap increase. It now takes 5% less XP to hit level 100, and if you manage to hit level 500 you’ll hit a total of 199 Apex Packs along the way. From levels 2-20 you get one pack per level, one every two level from 22-300, then one pack every five levels from 305-500. You’ll still get 600 Legend Tokens for every time you level up, and Apex Pack rewards will be handed out retroactively. You’ll also unlock Level Gun Charms every 100 levels.

36 new Gun Charms are being added into Apex Packs, and will also now appear in the Rotating Shop so that you can buy them directly. It will also add friendly fire to the new firing range, which is a fun addition. PC players will be able to experience this right now, but console Apex Legends fans will need to wait just a bit longer.

Apex Legends is currently in its third season. Developer Respawn Entertainment also recently launched Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the first Star Wars action game of this console generation.

Author: GameSpot

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