The Steam Controller Is Now Out Of Stock And Never Coming Back

The Steam Controller has sold through all of its stock, with no plan to make or sell more. Four years after it hit the market, the final Steam Controllers have been sold, and you can no longer order one directly from Valve. This effectively brings an end to the PC controller’s lifespan.

During the Black Friday weekend, the Steam Controller was cut down to $5 as Valve tried to offload the last of them. But, as VG247 has reported, many of the orders placed that day were not fulfilled–Valve overestimated their stock levels, and oversold the controller. Several potential buyers have found that their purchases have been refunded, and the controller is now no longer available to purchase. It follows in the footsteps of the similarly discontinued Steam Link and Steam Machine.

Of course, some stock might still exist at retail stores–if you’re in Australia, the Steam Controller is still available at EB Games, although it carries a $90AUD pricetag. It’s also worth keeping an eye on second-hand stores if you want one.

Despite a design that might look unusual, the Steam Controller has its fans, and has made some games easier to play for people with disabilities. Valve, the company behind Steam, is currently busy working on Half-Life: Alyx and Dota Underlords.

Author: GameSpot

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