Xbox Onesie Returns, And This Time It’s On Sale For Everyone

Microsoft is bringing back the Xbox Onesie, the wacky article of clothing that helps you stay warm and cozy while playing games. The new version of the Onesie, which is officially called the “Xbox Hooded Union Suit,” is now in green as opposed to the white version of the original.

The new Onesie will be available from the Xbox Gear Store beginning on December 5. Stock will be “limited” so if you’re interested you may want to act quickly. Pricing was not announced.

The Xbox Onesie was created by Xbox Australia in 2016 as a unique marketing ploy that ended up gathering a lot of traction and interest among fans. Microsoft updated the design in 2017 to promote the release of Forza Motorsport 7. Up until now, the only way to get the Onesie was to win a contest, but the launch in the Xbox Gear Store this week will open it up to a wider audience.

The Xbox Onesie features enlarged pockets to fit Xbox controllers and other remotes. It also has a pouch for your phone, and leg and arm sleeves that roll up for a better fit. The hood is oversized to leave space for a headset.

In other Xbox news, Phil Spencer is already using the next-generation Xbox Scarlett console at home. On top of that, rumours have re-emerged that Microsoft is working on a cheaper, less powerful, and disc-free Scarlett console under the codename Lockhart.

Author: GameSpot

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