NHL 20 Taking Aim At Pivot-Spamming With New Update This Week

NHL 20 is getting a big new update this week that introduces a significant change surrounding player physics. Specifically, the “pivot” system is being updated in what could be a big way.

In the game as it stands today, players can pivot while controlling the puck as a means to slip around defenders, confuse them, and control the puck. However, players have discovered that the pivoting system can be abused to take it to a level that compromises the integrity of the game.

Those with advanced pivoting skills can, in essence, game the system to give themselves an advantage beyond what should be possible in a simulation game. In a blog post, EA acknowledged that the steps its taking to address the matter are “a fine line” because some of the NHL’s best players can in fact perform advanced-level pivots while retaining control of the puck.

With that in mind, the December 5 update to NHL 20 will slow down the skating animation when players are using a pivot move. You can see examples of the the pivot-spamming and changes in action in the videos posted on EA’s website and below.

NHL 20 Pivot-Spamming

NHL 20 Pivot Speed Changes

If these changes aren’t enough, EA said it might consider creating scenarios where players lose the puck completely while performing a pivot at high speeds. This makes sense practically, as any hockey player will tell you it is very difficult to perform advanced moves at high speeds.

NHL 20 Pivot Puck Loss

“We believe these are agreed upon, community friendly changes that will benefit gameplay without shaking things up too drastically,” EA said.

You can see the full December 5 patch notes below.

In other news, EA Sports has teased Snoop Dogg as a celebrity commentator for NHL 20. Whether or not he’s added in the December 5 patch is unknown, however.

NHL 20 December 5 Patch Notes


  • Restricted directional toe drags to when a skater is moving forwards
  • Improved player switching cases when a teammate has been injured
  • Fixed a rare issue where tall players were unable to receive passes consistently (This would have been seen the most on D to D passes to stationary players pivoting to face the net)
  • Fixed physics updates with goaltenders.


  • Improved ability for Weakside defender to stay with their check on the rush


  • If players continually pivot, their skating will be impacted more realistically
  • Puck carriers pivot speeds will be impacted by trying to pivot at high speeds to simulate what they would need to do to keep control of the puck


  • Added additional celebrations
  • Various overlay fixes
  • Fix for the Zone camera not working as intended
  • Various environment camera clipping fixes


  • Added 2019 Spengler Cup tournament



  • HUT Team Abbreviation no longer displays in Pause Menu prior to puck drop

HUT Rivals

  • Implemented a matchmaking cap for very high and very low Skill Ratings to improve the likelihood of these players finding games
  • Fixed multiple display issues in the Ranks and Division screens
  • Fixed an issue where Coin Items could not be redeemed if a player had 2,000 HUT Champions Points

Squad Battles

  • Fixed an issue where expired Loan items displayed an incorrect contract length when viewing Opponent Squad

World of CHEL


  • Customize Club – The 2019-20 Canucks logo has been added, and the 2018-19 Canucks Logo has been moved to the vintage section
  • New content added to World of CHEL which is to be revealed through the Chel Challenge card. Tune in regularly to see what exciting new stuff you can earn


  • Fixed an MTU exploit in online modes
  • Fixed an issue with the Instant Replay timeline not functioning prior to puck drop
  • Fixed an issue where EASHL overlays show the player position as C


The following uniforms have been added to NHL 20


  • Belleville Senators Away and Alternate
  • Hartford Wolfpack Home, Away and Alternate
  • Iowa Wild Alternate
  • San Antonio Rampage Home and Away
  • Stockton Heat Alternate

Author: GameSpot

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