Journey For Elysium | ThisGenGaming Review

TGG says: Overall this game is a huge step in the right direction for VR, and in our eyes is a must-play for any VR gamer who enjoys a story-driven puzzle adventure. Unfortunately, it is not great for those with motion sickness and this will play a big part in whether this title is for everybody. Slight graphical bugs here and there made some of the transitions uncomfortable, but the use of the heros equipment with fluid movements and interactions were implemented perfectly. The visuals are top-notch, the audio and narrative fit the game perfectly, and altogether really bring the player into this beautifully crafted world.
The story could have been slightly longer, the path was too linear and the puzzles were oversimplified; but as a whole, all were used within the title very well. With only a few flaws to the game, I believe it is truly deserved of its overall score compared to other titles within the VR market of a similar genre and style. I look forward to seeing what else come…

Author: N4G

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