Best Puzzle Game of 2019

VGChartz’s Lee Mehr: “Puzzle games are an interesting breed to assess.  In some ways, it shares connective tissue with the subjectivity inherent in judging a comedy: what exactly makes this work challenging?  Could difficulty be explained by poor sign-posting or nefarious moon logic thats impossible to intuit without following a game guide?  Perhaps its a well-constructed conundrum that feels worth expending the mental energy to reach that sense of victory.  When its the latter, Id argue these moments rivalperhaps even outmatchthe adrenal sensation found in the most polished shooters.  Ranging from a passion project toiled over for more than a half-decade to established IPs refashioned with new ideas, these four nominees embody the best qualities of the puzzle genre in a distinctive way from one another.”

Author: N4G

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