What’s New To Netflix This Week? Movies, TV, And Originals

Every week, Netflix puts out a lot of content. Between the movies, TV shows, and original programming, there is something for everyone on the streaming service. Here is what’s headed your way for the week of January 5, along with a few of our recommendations.

Almost everything coming to Netflix this week drops on Friday, January 10. The cult classic 1981 horror movie The Evil Dead drops on that day. Sam Raimi’s original film was never intended to be a comedy–which the franchise ultimately became–but the first movie in this series still holds up, as it is a ton of fun, even with the unintentional laughable moments. The Evil Dead follows a group of friends who go to a cabin in the woods, and they’re killed off, one by one, by a demonic force. Just a heads up: If you are ever staying in an old log cabin and find a book made of human skin, don’t read from it.

This week, the comedic series Medical Police arrives. The show stars Rob Huebel and Erinn Hayes (creators of Children’s Hospital) as two doctors who are also police officers. Does that sound stupid? Well, that’s the point. As you can see from the trailer, the show combines your typical police and medical procedural shows into one perfect-looking comedy. You can check out the show for yourself when Season 1 drops on Friday.

Below, you’ll find everything headed to Netflix this week, and if you want to know more about what’s new to streaming services, check out our lists for what’s new to Disney+ and Amazon, Hulu, and Shudder for the week of January 5.

What’s coming to Netflix this week?

Wednesday, January 8

  • Cheer

Friday, January 10

  • AJ and the Queen
  • The Evil Dead
  • Giri / Haji
  • Harvey Girls Forever!: Season 4
  • The Inbestigators: Season 2
  • Medical Police
  • Scissor Seven
  • Until Dawn
  • Zumbo’s Just Desserts: Season 2

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