Microsoft Trademarks The Xbox Series X Slogan, “Power Your Dreams”

When Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X during The Game Awards in December, the company did so with the accompanying tagline: “Power Your Dreams.” The marketing slogan is meant to communicate that the new console is so powerful it can create things you can only dream of. Microsoft really likes the slogan, so much that it has now trademarked it.

As Wccftech noticed, Microsoft filed trademark applications with the United States Patent & Trademark office during the last week of December for the slogan. Microsoft registered a total of five different applications, including the expected ones covering video games and online entertainment. One of the more unusual but not completely unexpected registrations for Power Your Dreams covers clothing such as headwear, footwear, jackets, coats, and other shirts. In short, you should expect Microsoft to slap “Power Your Dreams” onto pretty much everything it can to get the message across that Xbox Series X is a really powerful, must-have next-generation system.

For comparison, the catchphrase for the Xbox One was “Jump Ahead,” while Microsoft later referred to the Xbox One X as the “World’s Most Powerful Console.”

The Xbox Series X debuts in Holiday 2020 with Halo Infinite releasing as a launch title. The “Series X” name is meant to signify that different models of the next-generation system might be released. The ongoing rumour is that Microsoft is also developing a less expensive and less powerful next-generation console, though this has yet to be confirmed.

The official name of the next-generation Xbox platform of systems is simply “Xbox,” with “Series X” designating the model name of the new console. This naming convention is similar to Apple’s line of iPhones that have different models that exist within the same family.

Sony, meanwhile, is launching its new console this year with a simpler and more straightforward name–the PlayStation 5.

In other next-gen news, Microsoft recently showed off the Xbox Series X’s CPU. Additionally, AMD recently admitted to using fake renders of the Xbox Series X during its CES briefing.

Microsoft “Power Your Dreams” Trademarks:

Author: GameSpot

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