Who’s Ready For A Parasite TV Series? HBO Is, Apparently

Director Bong Joon-Ho’s Parasite, which GameSpot picked as the best movie of 2019, is getting a limited series at HBO.

As of this time, the writer/directer of the original Korean film is in talks with the network currently, as HBO beat Netflix in a bidding war for the show, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Bong will be joining forces with Adam McKay, who has the director of 2018’s Vice.

It is unclear if this will be an English remake or a followup to the film. Parasite made over $130 million worldwide, almost $24 million of which was made in the United States.

Parasite follows the Kim family, all poor and unemployed. They find themselves enthralled with the Park family and ingratiate themselves into their lives. Things get complicated from there, as Parasite is filled with numerous twists and turns.

In our Movie of the Year feature, GameSpot’s Chastity Vincencio said, “Parasite is the kind of film that will stick with you for days, and make you want to talk about it. It’s thrilling, stressful, at times hilarious, and haunting. It takes you on an unforgettable ride resulting in an ending that you will never see coming. The class divide at the heart of the film is something that is universally relatable, and will make you question your own biases. Bong Joon-Ho is a master filmmaker.”

Author: GameSpot

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