Gemini Man’s Alternate Opening Features Twice The Assassinations

This summer’s blockbuster Gemini Man, directed by Ang Lee, revolves around hitman Henry Brogan becoming the target of an assassination by a younger, cloned version of himself. The film comes out on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD on January 14, and it is loaded with extras, including an alternate opening featuring dueling assassinations.

In the original opening, Brogan (Will Smith) sets up a near-impossible assassination attempt as he lay on a hill thousands of feet away from his target, who is on a speeding train. Brogan is a master of his craft, as this sequence sets up, but he’s lost a step or two, as he hits his target in the neck and not in the head.

As far as the alternate opening goes, the scene with Brogan on the hill is still there, but the sequence cuts between this and another where another hitman kills a man in a moving vehicle during the middle of the night in a storm. It’s revealed at the very end of the scene that it is a younger version of Brogan, as his face is illuminated by lightning. For as cool as the opening is, jumping back and forth between the older and younger Brogan lessens the “shock value” of the two coming face-to-face later on in the movie, even though the selling point of the film is “look at old Will Smith fight young Will Smith.” Regardless, the original opening is a bit better as it establishes the character and builds towards that reveal later on.

In GameSpot’s review of Gemini Man, Chris E. Hayner said, “Lee knew what he was making with Gemini Man, and it shows. It’s a movie-length technology sizzle reel. This is a film meant to show audiences just how far the medium has come. From filming at 120 FPS in 4K, to digitally building a clone of the movie’s star to make them fight in a series of over-the-top action sequences, there’s a lot to marvel at in Gemini Man. But the visuals can also border on uncanny, and Gemini Man just doesn’t have the story to back that action up.”

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Gemini Man on 4K UHD

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Check out the special features for the upcoming home release of Gemini Man, which comes to 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD on January 14. Gemini Man is currently available in UHD, HD, and SD digitally from Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, and other digital storefronts.

Gemini Man special features:

  • Alternate opening
  • Deleted scenes
  • 6 featurettes
  • WETA’s Visual effects progression in 60 FPS (4K only)
  • The movie in 60FPS (4K only)

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