Top 7 Upcoming Single Player FPS Games In 2020

Pratyush writes- “The way I would describe an FPS is simple- there shouldnt be any sort of checklist tasks between me and the core gameplay loop which usually involves violence. Yes, gaming journalists have reignited the violence in video games narrative as a continuation to last years Call of Duty shenanigans, but my escapist fantasies dont comprise of me throwing flowers at angry demons. If I really want something more narrative-focused, I would go and play some RPGs. All that explanation for why you wouldnt find games like Cyberpunk 2077, Dying Light 2 etc in this list aside, I couldnt find a single article on the internet that comprised of FPS games that were primarily focused on the shooting aspect. Hence I made a list for people like me who are searching for such games.”

Author: N4G

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