Final Fantasy 7 Remake Screens Show New Summons, Quest Types

A huge new batch of screenshots and character art for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake shows off new summons, more combat with Tifa, and quests. The summons are the star of the show, as we get our first looks at the wild-feathered Chocobo Chick, the dog-like Carbuncle, and the spiny Cactuar.

They’re hard to spot among the screenshots since they’re shown mid-battle animation, but you can see them in more detail with the character renders, along with artwork of Hojo and Red-XIII. We also get quite a few screens of Tifa using her kickboxing style against hapless goons and monsters.

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The new screens also show the party taking on and turning in various quests, outlining a few new features. Mercenary Quests are ones that help the citizens of Midgar, whereas Battle Report quests have you helping Professor Hojo’s subordinate, Chadley, in return for materia.

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