Uncharted Movie: Tom Holland Gives An Update On The Movie That’s Been 10 Years In The Making

The Uncharted movie has been a long time coming, as it’s been in one form of production or another for more than a decade. It now seems like the stars have finally aligned, as Spider-Man actor Tom Holland is on board to play a young Nathan Drake with Mark Wahlberg attached to play Sully. Holland has now given an interview about the film, and he seems enthusiastic about the script. In particular, he said the movie may succeed where other video game adaptations have struggled because its story is a new one, not a re-telling of any of the games.

“I read the newest draft of the script … and it’s one of the best scripts I’ve ever read,” he told IGN. “It really, really jumps off the page. I think what Uncharted offers that most video game films don’t is that it’s an origin story to the games, so if you’ve played the games, you haven’t see what’s going to happen in the film. If you haven’t played the games, you’re going to enjoy the film because it’s information that everyone else is getting at the same time.”

Holland went on to himself acknowledge that the Uncharted movie has endured a protracted development timeline. There has been lots of turnover as well, as the movie has shuffled through seven different directors and numerous scriptwriters before getting to where it’s at today.

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