Best PC Gaming Deals (February 2020): Laptops, Games, Monitors, And More

The great thing about being a PC gamer is that you don’t have to worry about new hardware making your current machine obsolete, unlike consoles which are eventually replaced entirely by new ones. On the PC, you’ll still be able to play the same games everyone else is, even when new graphics cards or processors are released–though you may have to sacrifice higher settings for an enjoyable experience. Thankfully, there are plenty of deals out there for PC gaming hardware and accessories.

Of course, in addition to the internal components like graphics cards, processors, and RAM, there are a ton of PC accessories that get discounted all the time: keyboards, mice, headsets, and much more. Even though you can grab some of these products at a steal, they’ll still last you a long time–and new hardware won’t make them obsolete.

One thing the PC has on consoles is the sheer number of game sales happening at any given time. Steam, the Epic Games Store, Green Man Gaming, Fanatical, GOG, and many more retailers are always offering deals on PC games, making it incredibly easy to never pay full price for any game you want.

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Author: GameSpot

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