Xbox Series X: Microsoft Reveals New Features And Discusses Teraflops, Ray-Tracing

Following the huge info dump about the Xbox Series X earlier this week, more details on the next-generation console have come to light, including previously unannounced features.

We already knew that the Xbox Series X will feature a “quick resume” feature that allows players to resume multiple games from a suspended state without loading back in from the start. But Xbox’s Larry Hryb said on his podcast–embedded below–that this also works when you’ve rebooted the console.

Hryb has had an Xbox Series X at home for months now. He said on his podcast that his console had a system update and he expected to have to re-load his game once it was finished. But no. Hryb said he was able to boot directly back into the game. “So it survives a reboot,” he said.

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Author: GameSpot

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