Pokemon Go Is Adding A Very Helpful New Feature

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has been making numerous adjustments to the popular AR game as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In addition to canceling a handful of events that were planned to take place this month (including this week’s Lugia Raid event), the studio has implemented a variety of tweaks to make it easier to play the game from home, including a handy new feature that will help you keep track of what’s happening in the title.

Niantic is introducing a Today View tab in Pokemon Go. This tab will be located in the same menu as your Field Research and Special Research tasks, and it will make it easier to keep track of what’s currently going on in the game. Among other things, Today View will display ongoing and upcoming in-game events, as well as personal stats, such as your daily streaks and what Pokemon you currently have defending Gyms.

Niantic hasn’t announced when the Today View tab will go live in Pokemon Go, but it teases that it will be rolled out “soon.” In the meantime, you can read more details about the upcoming feature on the official Pokemon Go website.

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Author: GameSpot

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