Destiny 2 Iron Banner’s Cast In Iron – Quest Steps For New Armor

The Iron Banner is back in Destiny 2 for the Season of the Worthy, bringing another lengthy quest to unlock a new set of Iron Banner armor. This season’s quest is called Cast in Iron, and completing each of its steps will get you a piece of this season’s updated armor set, Iron Remembrance.

This Iron Banner quest also comes with an additional goody: Point of the Stag, a Legendary bow the season’s only Ritual weapon. Ritual weapons are unique, Masterworked weapons you can only earn through completing lengthy quests, so if you like bows, the Point of the Stag will be worth your time.

The Iron Banner runs from March 24 to the weekly reset on March 31. You don’t have to complete all the steps of the Cast in Iron quest in that time, however–there will be more Iron Banner events throughout the season that will give you more chances to wrap things up.

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Author: GameSpot

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