Doom Eternal Urdak: Mission 12 Walkthrough And Tips

You’ve made it to Doom Eternal‘s second-to-last mission! Below you can find a walkthrough detailing how to get past it, as well as deal with the big boss fight at the end.

For walkthroughs of Doom Eternal’s other chapters, check out our guide hub collecting what we have up so far. We’ll be publishing more in subsequent days. But if you’re looking for more basic Doom Eternal tips, be sure to read our guide detailing everything you should know before playing. Otherwise, you can read our Doom Eternal review.

Mission 12 Walkthrough — Urdak

Walk forward and take a right once you emerge outside. Stand on the green pressure pad, and a glyph will appear in front of you. Use this to launch yourself over to the next platform, then take a left and do so again. There’s another pressure pad platforming sequence here, only now you’ve got to do some additional pole swinging and wall-climbing to progress forward.

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