Dead Cells Update Features Half-Life Crossover Items, Full Patch Notes Revealed

In celebration of Half-Life: Alyx‘s launch, developers Evil Empire and Motion Twin dropped a new Dead Cells PC update that includes some direct references to Valve’s first-person shooter. We’ve compiled the patch notes below.

The update, which is the 18th in Dead Cells’ life cycle, adds a ton of new content. Alongside Half-Life items such as Freeman’s crowbar and a series-inspired skin, the game gets extra goodies like a portable door to give you back protection, six brand-new enemies, more affixes on many of the game’s skills, and more.

Unfortunately, Dead Cells’ latest update is only available on Steam. The studios warn that, since the patch is in alpha for the moment, it may be broken, and it’s best to create save backups while preparing to install it. You can find instructions on how to download the new Dead Cells alpha update below:

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Author: GameSpot

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