Fortnite Studio Epic Will Publish New Games From Last Guardian, Control, And Limbo Developers

Epic Games has announced another major move in the games-publishing business. The Fortnite and Unreal developer has created a new multiplatform publishing division, boasting some of the most developer-friendly terms ever, and it’s signed some big names to kick things off.

The new division–Epic Games Publishing–will publish new games from Gen Design (The Last Guardian), Playdead (Limbo, Inside), and Remedy Entertainment (Alan Wake, Control). Epic said these are the “first partners” to announce deals with Epic Games Publishing, which suggests more may come over time.

Epic Games Publishing describes itself as a “developer-first” label that “fundamentally changes the developer/publisher model.” The company is promising the “most developer-friendly terms” in the entire video game industry landscape.

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Author: GameSpot

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