Patton Oswalt Thinks You’re Rooting For The Wrong Matrix Character

Comedian and actor Patton Oswalt has some hot takes to share about The Matrix–namely that fans have been rooting for the wrong hero for the last decade. While guesting on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast to promote his new Netflix special, I Love Everything, Oswalt made a passionate case for the movie’s pseudo-villain, Cypher, who famously sold out his allies to Agent Smith in hopes of being able to return to the AI simulated lie and live a comfortable life.

“There’s a very strong case to be made for Cypher’s character, like, ‘No. Plug me the f*** back into this,'” Oswalt laughed. “‘I’m nude with atrophied muscles, hairless in a jagged wasteland of radioactive slag, or I can be in this world where I have a nice job, where I eat a steak and marry someone, can I just live in this–I am fine with it. Morpheus, who the f*** are you helping?! Why are you dragging us out?! The machines aren’t trying to kill us.'”

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Author: GameSpot

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