Xbox Is Partnering With The Special Olympics For A Forza 7 Tournament

Xbox is partnering with the Special Olympics USA for a new virtual event featuring the Xbox One racing game Forza Motorsport 7. The organizations are working together for a new tournament that will air on May 30.

More than 35 competitors from 11 states will take part in the competition, and you can watch the action live on Mixer, Xbox YouTube, or Twitch. The awards ceremony will take place inside of Minecraft.

“With athletic training and competitions currently postponed due to COVID-19, Special Olympics are looking for new ways to connect, compete, and just have fun,” Microsoft said in a news release. “Enveloping this event will be stories of the athletes themselves–allowing a broad fanbase to know who they are, what they care about, how they are feeling– and cheer them on as they discover new community and excitement in playing Forza Motorsport 7.”

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Author: GameSpot

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