Exclusive interview with The Molasses Flood as Drake Hollow prepares for Xbox One, Game Pass, PC

Neil writes: “When The Molasses Flood rolled into town with The Flame in the Flood on Xbox One back in 2016, it was obvious that they knew what it took to make a proper game. With past history in some major franchises, a stunning art direction, a soundtrack to die for, and some super rogue-like gameplay, it was a bit of a hit. Now though the team are back, this time with a dynamically generated cooperative action village-builder – Drake Hollow. With the same unique visuals and a world full of cute creatures, we just had to find out more about how this latest title came about. And so we grabbed Forrest Dowling, Studio Director for The Molasses Flood for a little chat about Drake Hollow and exactly what Xbox One and PC gamers should begin to expect.”

Author: N4G

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