Black Lives Matter, Black Voices Are Important

Hello everyone! Jordan here. You may have noticed something rather odd about GameSpot’s homepage right now–pretty much none of the content being promoted at the top is new. Strange right? Yeah, we know, but we have our reasons.

GameSpot initially went into this week with plans to kick off Play For All, a combo platter of gaming celebration and charity effort to raise money for COVID-19 relief. And we’re still doing that, don’t worry. You can catch the second day of our first week of Play For All streams today–we’ll be testing our video game knowledge with MinnMax and some trivia.

However, there’s a lot more going on in the world than COVID-19 right now. Cities across the US are now witness to massive protests against the ongoing violence towards black individuals suffering police brutality. In support of the protests, GameSpot has shifted the message of Play For All. We’re still raising money for COVID-19 relief, but we want to also show our support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Author: GameSpot

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