The Finger Guns Podcast Ep.60 – What is SEGA Series X? – Finger Guns

Ross @ FG: Its the 60th episode of The Finger Guns Podcast! This week Rossko, Sean, Greg, Toby and Paul dive into the weeks news and what theyve been playing for the past seven days.

First up we talk how Sony are demanding all games sent to Sony for certification from July 13th must be compatible with the PS5. What does this mean for the PS5 launch line up? Are you ready to upgrade? Will there be enough games from your library ready for the next generation and will they be available? And most importantly, will we be able to play Maneater on it? Lets be honest thats all we really want to do.

We also discuss whatever the flippin heck SEGA are currently up to. Theres talk of a revolutionary announcement coming this week, and its something to do with Xbox? What on earth is the SEGA Series X? Are we going to find out before the next podcast? I mean, yes. Yes we definitely will because that announcement is coming in a few days but whatever its going to be, were very excited.

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