Skip Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries Reboot, Here’s Where To Watch The Original

Unsolved Mysteries is back! Netflix has rebooted the documentary TV series that covered everything from disappearances to ghosts to aliens, introducing a new generation to a show that was loved by so many during its 14 season original run. When you begin streaming the new Netflix show on July 1, though, chances are anyone who has seen an episode of Unsolved Mysteries before is going to be confused.

While the show’s title card looks the same and the theme song is an eerie new arrangement of the iconic intro, there’s something missing–almost any link to the original Unsolved Mysteries. Practically everything about the series that was so engaging has been stripped out. Instead, Netflix is presenting what is, essentially, another in a long line of Netflix true crime documentary shows. The incidents it investigates are still mysterious, and there are still links to the paranormal. However, this show is not unsolved mysteries.

Gone is the hosting and narration, for instance. Robert Stack was the voice of Unsolved Mysteries for years, serving as the host of the first 13 seasons. He’s as synonymous with the show as anything else. When the series was later continued after Stacks’ death, Law & Order star Dennis Farina took over to revisit previous mysteries and give updates that has been discovered since the original episodes aired.

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