Doom Eternal Devs Promise A Switch Release Date Soon And A Polished Port

Doom Eternal launched earlier this year on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Stadia, but the promised Switch port has not yet come out. Considering the quality of the first game’s Switch port, expectations are high for the sequel, but a release date still hasn’t been announced. According to the game’s producers, that’s set to change soon.

In an interview with Gamereactor, picked up on by Nintendo Everything, Id Software’s Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin have promised that more news on the port, which is being handled by Switch port specialists Panic Button, will be revealed before too long. “We’ll be talking about the release date pretty soon,” Stratton said. “We haven’t announced that yet – I can’t do that now. It’s really made great progress.”

Stratton, who calls the other console versions of the game a “feather in the cap” of Id Software’s tech team, believes that the Switch version will be similarly impressive on Nintendo’s scaled-down hardware. “I think it’ll be every bit as good as Doom 2016 was, and I’m super excited for people to get it,” he says.

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Author: GameSpot

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