Brie Larson Starts YouTube Channel And Reveals The Movies She Auditioned For

Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson, who plays Captain Marvel in the MCU, has started a new YouTube channel. In this first episode, Larson invites a series of famous YouTube users and people in her life–including Sean Evans from Hot Ones and even her grandmother–to give her advice on how to make a popular YouTube channel. She also shared some secrets about her life in Hollywood.

Larson revealed that she auditioned for Star Wars, The Hunger Games, and Terminator: Genisys. She did not share any details on the specific parts she tried out for, so we can only guess. On the subject of the Terminator, Larson shared that she got a flat tire on the way to the audition, and then “got a flat tire at the audition” so to speak, and ultimately did not get the part.

Also in the video, Larson speaks briefly about her love of video games, and she says future videos could cover that topic. She also confirmed that she plays Fortnite and might make a future video about playing Duos with another celebrity streamer. Appearing on Hot Ones recently, Larson spoke at length about her love for Super Mario 3D World and Nintendo games in general.

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