Old Pokemon Demo Reveals New Unused Designs

A previously unreleased demo for a classic Pokemon game has revealed a treasure trove of unused designs for the monsters along with pre-evolutions and evolutions. The demo for Pokemon Gold and Silver was shown at Space World 1997, Nintendo’s own trade show that ran through the early 2000s.

This was a particularly early demo while Gold and Silver were still in development, showing the game a full two years before it was released. That left a lot of time for plans to change, and thanks to a ROM dump of the demo, we can see just how much shifted during development.

Particularly notable monsters include pre-evolution versions of Growlithe and Meowth, and a fire-bear starter who was apparently replaced by the fire-type Cyndaquil. The sprite sheet even includes cut Pokemon that may have come back later, like a seal that looks suspiciously like Popplio from Pokemon Sun and Moon. Plus, it has tons of alternate art that was changed before final release, like a very different look at Gold and Silver’s three legendary beasts.

Incredibly, this is the second look at unused Pokemon we’ve gotten in the span of only a few weeks. A recent manga detailing the life and times of Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri showed off some unused designs from the very first game. You can hear us chat about this batch of Pokemon insights around the 22 minute mark in the GameSpot Daily above.

Recently Nintendo detailed its upcoming plans for the franchise. Those included a surprise release of the free-to-play Pokemon Quest, the reveal of Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee, and the announcement that a new core Pokemon game for Switch is on the way next year.

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PS4’s Free PS Plus Games For June 2018 Revealed

With the first Tuesday of June approaching, Sony has confirmed the lineup of free games that PlayStation Plus owners will be able to download during the month. June 2018 brings another set of six games spread across PS4, PS3, and Vita.

This is an unusual month where each platform gets only the standard two games apiece, as there isn’t Cross-Buy support for any of them. On PS4, the lineup is still quite good–the biggest title of the month is the stellar tactics game XCOM 2. That’s complemented by the fun platformer/racing game hybrid Trials Fusion, which has a theme song that will never leave your brain.

On PS3, the first game is Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, which blends the series’ realistic shooting action with futuristic tech. The older console also gets the Complete Edition of Zombie Driver HD, an isometric action game where you’ll drive around a car slaughtering zombies.

Finally, Sony’s handheld gets Atomic Ninjas, a multiplayer-centric action game, and Squares, a puzzle game where you’ll race the clock to change the color of, well, squares.

All of these games will be available beginning on Tuesday, June 5. It’s not too late to still claim May’s free PS Plus games; those include Beyond: Two Souls and Rayman Legends on PS4, which received a total of three games thanks to Cross-Buy. Those games will be replaced on Tuesday by June’s lineup.

PS Plus Free Games Lineup For June 2018


  • Trials Fusion
  • XCOM 2


  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
  • Zombie Driver HD: Complete Edition


  • Atomic Ninjas
  • Squares

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Bioware Teases Anthem on Twitter With a Cryptic Message

The E3 2018 is getting closer and the video games companies around the world are continuing to tease fans with teasers of all kinds. Yesterday Bethesda thought about it by revealing Fallout 76 recently, today its the turn of BioWare that on its official Twitter profile of Anthem has published a very cryptic message.

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Xbox Game Pass Has a Remarkable First Year Creating New Opportunities for Gamers and Developers

Over the last year, weve achieved several important milestones based on feedback from our fans. We heard from around the world that you wanted Xbox Game Pass, so we expanded and now support 40 markets across the globe. You also told us your number one must-have feature was to have more AAA blockbuster titles available. In response, we announced in January that going forward, we plan to release all new Xbox games from Microsoft Studios into Xbox Game Pass the same day as their global launch, including new iterations of future unannounced games from some of our biggest franchises such as Halo, Forza and Gears of War.

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