E3 2019 Press Conference Schedule (AU Times And Dates)

E3 2019’s press conferences proper are about to begin. The EA Play livestream starts in just a few hours, and it’ll be followed over the next few days by showcases from Microsoft, Ubisoft, Nintendo, and more. Of course, with the show happening in LA, California, things can get a little confusing when trying to work out what times the shows start in your local time, so we thought we’d list the key E3 dates in Australian (AET) time below.

Of course, many of the E3 conferences happen before the show. We’ve already had Google’s Stadia Connect event and Nintendo’s pre-E3 Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct, as well as Bungie’s Destiny 2 stream, in which news like cross-save support and new Shadowkeep DLC was revealed.

But the exciting stuff is still to come. Even if we now know every event that’s happening over the next two weeks, we won’t be lacking a surplus of game news over the next week and a half. Expect plenty more rumors and leaks, too.

Below you’ll find a quick look at the start times, in AET, for all of the major events and press conferences in the coming days. For more information on each, such as how to watch and where to find a livestream of the events, click on their respective links. If you’re after American times, both Pacific and Eastern, check out our main look at the E3 2019 press conference schedule, or alternatively you can check out the full list of UK times for E3 2019.

E3 2019 Schedule Overview (Australian Times)

Author: GameSpot

RAGE 2 – Skewed ‘n Reviewed

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Neptunia Shooter Review [Capsule Computers]

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“Initially debuting back in 2010 few could have imagined just how much cross-genre potential the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise could offer. While the majority of their games have been RPGs weve seen brawlers, strategy RPGs, a VR-enabled entry, and even an idol raising game so it only makes sense that the series tackle something a little different, especially since it happened to be a joke to start with. Neptunia Shooter is a bullet hell style shooter and with Neptune and her friends now in an 8-bit side scrolling shooter, is this entry worth it?”

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