Xbox One Games On Sale This Week, Including $10 Red Dead Redemption

Microsoft has reset its weekly sale, so a whole new batch of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games are available for discounted prices. You’ll need to have an Xbox Live Gold account to qualify for some of the deals (indicated with an asterisk below), but others are available to everyone. Let’s dive in and see what games are on sale this week–but don’t wait too long, because they go back to full price on Monday, June 11.

Rockstar games are the headliners this week, with Red Dead Redemption down to $10 / £8. Now is a good time to play (or re-play) the game, seeing as the sequel is heading our way in October and there seem to be a lot of narrative through-lines between the two games. It also recently got a 4K update for Xbox One X.

In other Rockstar news, starting June 7, you’ll be able to play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Rockstar Table Tennis, and Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete on Xbox One thanks to backwards compatibility updates. To encourage fans to pick those games up, Rockstar has put them on sale for $10 / £8 each.

Also discounted this week are the acclaimed RPGs Divinity: Original Sin ($10 / £9) and Torment: Tides of Numenera for ($15 / £12). If you’re feeling in the mood for a fright, you can grab Goosebumps: The Game for $8 / £6. You can find the full list of games on sale here, or see more of our picks below.

Xbox One and Xbox 360 Game Deals

  • A Boy and His Blob* — $4 / £3
  • Divinity: Original Sin* — $10 / £9
  • Goosebumps: The Game$8 / £6
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas* — $10 / £8 (BC on June 7)
  • Midnight Club: Los Angeles Complete* — $10 / £8
  • R.B.I. Baseball 18$25 / £20
  • Red Dead Redemption$10 / £8
  • Rockstar Table Tennis* — $6 / £5 (BC on June 7)
  • Runbow$8 / £5
  • Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments* — $8 / £5
  • Torment: Tides of Numenera* — $15 / £12

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Destiny 2 Introducing Annual Pass That Adds New Content And Activities Through Summer 2019

Today during Bungie’s Destiny 2 Forsaken livestream, the developer also announced a new paid offering for the game called an Annual Pass. This will include three updates, beginning with Black Armory in Winter 2018, followed by Joker’s Wild in Spring 2019, and Penumbra in Summer 2019.

During the livestream, Bungie said this is a “new way for us to deliver content,” with the idea being that Bungie will release content faster than before. Bungie has in the past been criticised for not releasing content fast enough and not making the end-game compelling enough.

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To that end, Destiny 2’s new content updates will add more endgame challenges, as well as new weapons, armor, and vanity rewards to collect. There will also be new and returning Exotics, along with new Pinnacle activities (which are said to be extra-challenging) and more Triumph records to collect. There will also be more lore to discover.

During the stream, Bungie community manager David Dague stressed again and again that the new Annual Pass content is not to be thought as being similar to Destiny 2’s big expansions like Warmind and Forsaken.

Forsaken will cost $40 by itself, and Bungie will also sell a Forsaken + Annual Pass bundle for $70, which suggests that the Annual Pass will go for around $30 by itself. An $80 Digital Deluxe edition featuring Forsaken, the Annual Pass, and even more content will be available for $80.

For more on today’s Destiny 2 Forsaken livestream, check out our recent news stories below.

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Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC’s Major New Mode Gambit Revealed

With another Destiny 2 DLC expansion, Forsaken, on the way later this year, Activision had been teasing that some kind of innovative new mode was coming. With Forsaken now being revealed, Bungie has shared the first details about this new mode, which is called Gambit.

Gambit is a blend of PvP and PvE. Two teams of four are separated into different areas, although they’ll see each other at the start of a match to emote their hearts out. They’ll then face off against waves of AI enemies who drop motes. These can be collected and deposited to send more enemies to the other team’s area; you’ll need to bank them routinely, as you can only hold 15 and lose them if you die. At a certain point, one player from each time can “invade” the opposing team’s area, putting further pressure on them.

During a livestream, Bungie said its goal was to offer a “new experience” with Gambit. It says that it takes PvP and makes it into something where your success isn’t necessarily dictated by being able to shoot faster or more accurately than another player. At any given time, you’ll have to decide whether you should kill AI enemies, collect motes, deposit motes, or invade (assuming a teammate isn’t already doing so).

Gambit will be playable at E3 2018, so we should be hearing much more about it very soon. The new mode is just one of several components that comprise the new Forsaken expansion along with new areas of the Reef to explore, a new Raid, new Supers, and more.

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Bandai Namco’s Souls-like Game Code Vein Gets Release Date

As if there weren’t enough Souls games already, Bandai Namco has announced the release date for its Souls-like RPG, Code Vein. The game is scheduled to launch on September 28, following the releases of Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age (September 4), Spider-Man (September 7), Shadow of the Tomb Raider (September 12), and the Spyro Reignited Trilogy (September 21). It seems September is a pretty jammed-packed month this year, and E3 2018 is still just a week away.

Back in October of last year, we had a chance to check out Code Vein, saying, “Dubbed ‘anime Dark Souls’ by many, it draws heavy influence from From Software’s acclaimed Souls series, most notably in its difficulty.” Around the same time, we learned that Code Vein will not feature an easier difficulty setting. Instead, you’ll be able to “freely change your character’s Blood Code during the course of the game, allowing you adjust your character’s stats to adapt to new challenges.”

And, of course, in similar Souls fashion, Code Vein will feature online co-op. “You can send out a distress signal to summon a different player,” but “this player will have to fulfill ‘certain conditions,’ although it’s unclear what these conditions will be.” We’ll have a few months to see what those conditions are.

Code Vein will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Review: Shape of the World – PS4 | Pure PlayStation

Pure PlayStation: Shape of the World is another excellent experience like Journey or Abzu. Theres nothing to do except explore and take in the wonderful sights. No clear story, way to play, or combat of any kind. This is best played in a laid back manner when you want to be chill or relaxed. The astounding visuals and sounds will more than be up to the task in that regard. The experience may be short overall but one worth playing.

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U2 and The Shadows headline the latest Rocksmith Variety Pack

Neil writes: “Some say that variety is the spice of life – and that is no more true than if you are a Rocksmith strummer. Today that life of yours is about to get a whole load spicier as the next Variety DLC pack has arrived, and should you like a bit of U2 or The Shadows, will no doubt hugely enjoy what is included.”

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Head to the Vietnam War as the Hours of Darkness hits Far Cry 5

Neil writes: “Hope County has allowed us to get involved in a whole host of crazy Far Cry 5 antics, taking down enemies, scouting areas and generally getting up to a bit of mischief. Now though everything you knew about Far Cry 5 is changing as the first content expansion – Hours of Darkness – takes us to war-torn Vietnam.”

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Vampyr Review – JPS

“Some of the best ideas are adding a new twist to an existing favorite. Vampires in Victorian London is nothing new, but the idea of making it an open world action-RPG is certainly interesting. Add in a developer with a history of making thrilling stories and it seems like the perfect match. Between blood, romance, haunting settings and more than enough to do, will Vampyr be a sleeper hit or should it have remained dead?” – JPS.

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